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Family Firm Keeping Pace With The Times

Family firm Acorn Business Machines has always been ready to move with the times. From the old spirit and ink duplicators to today's state of the art copiers, printers, fax machines and digital cameras, office equipment supplied and serviced has changed beyond recognition since the early 1980's.

Throughout it's 25-year history Acorn has kept up with the rapid pace of change, with engineers regularly attending manufacturers' training courses to ensure they are fully conversant with each new advance in technology.

Based at our new offices at Crossley Mills, Honley, in the heart of Summer Wine Country, the firm has come a long way since Ernest Warrender started supplying and servicing Roneo and Gestetner duplicators in 1982.

Ernest and his wife Joan ran the business in the early years. later they were joined by their son Mark, who came from an engineering background. Realising the need to diversify, he quickly gained a foothold in the photocopier market, which proved a major turning point.

Mark took over the reins from his father and is now the company's proprietor, leading a small close knit team comprising engineers Paul Draycott and Jason Ellwood; and sales, Ray Meah.

He agrees progress over the past decade has been staggering, to say the least. "When I started old technology still reigned. Now we are gradually changing over from analogue to digital and to full colour, with machines which are barely recognisable now from those we were handling ten years ago."

From the start the emphasis was always on servicing office machines, gradually expanding into sales. "A lot of companies are mainly sales based and see servicing as a necessary evil, but for us service has always come first, starting with duplicators, then photocopiers, which were originally electro-static machines using a wet/ink process and specially coated paper. Over the years they have improved dramatically, as we have moved into the era of dry toner, plain paper copiers."

Mark and his team could easily cover every inch of the office wall with certificates gained from attending the specialist courses which enable them to keep up with the latest machines coming onto the market from leading manufacturers such as Rex Rotary - for which Acorn is the main local dealer - and Gestetner. Schools and local authorities are among the firm's main customers many of whom have stayed loyal for the whole 25 years, mainly covering Kilrlees, Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield but also as far as North Yorkshire and the east coast.

On the sales front Ray has used his wealth of experience in the industry to attract many new customers in the two years since he joined Acorn

Service charges are very competitive with a £65 fee for the first hour compared with over £100 quoted by some larger companies.

"We also score heavily on personal service," says Mark. "People can feel a bit lost when trying to get through to someone in a large company. The impression they are often given is that they are just a few dots on someone's computer screen."

"When a local church or organisation come to us, they want to deal with someone they know, not a faceless voice. Most of the time I am here to deal with any incoming telephone calls and see people who call into the office."

In a constantly changing market, Mark is convinced the future lies in full colour and digital photocopying and multi-function machines. "Within five years all photocopiers will be digital and the full colour facility will come down in price. Most companies will be able to afford colour copies. Thermal roll faxes are on the way out and we are moving rapidly into the plain paper type."

"In all these areas, we will continue to develop the know-how to deal with each new type of equipment and maintain a high standard of service to our customers."

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